06 November 2010

About Me

1. My name is Ahmad Ariffin Bin Janal

2. You can call me as epin, ariffin janal, AJ, Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow, handsome boy

3. My house at Taman Intan Kluang but now i'm staying in Kedah.

4. Currently at Universiti Utara Malaysia Sintok Kedah.

5. Major in Management Technology (Hons.)

6. I've been here for 3years.

7. I was born at 25th of March 1989.

8.I'm the eldest brother of 4 siblings.

9. Futsal is my favourite even i'm not pro in it.

10. Prefer to be patient person, not easy to get mad but not easy to smile.

11. Not kind of friendly person (to unknown people)

12. Only friendly in my writing, YM, Facebook

13.Just be friend to whom can accept me.

14. Kind of gila gila person.

15. Love branded stuff but just dont like to have it.

16. Movies? anything as long as not a bored type movie.

17. Like to blogging and blogwalking. but not a person who left sign easily.

18. Love my bike.

19.Love my sweetie lady.

20. Love my stuff and will get mad if someone lost it.

21. Just wear a simple jeans and t-shirt

22. Prefer to go holiday

23. Kind of tak reti duduk diam.

24. Hypocrite, liar, double face of negative people, stay away from me.

25. Kind of sincere person (as my hunny said, i'm a bad liar)

its a kind of questionaire. feel free to answer it. so here i tag EVERYONE WHO READ THIS POST to post about youself in 25 point. mine is just an example, you can do it as your creativity. thanks to Mael who did tag me in his post.

epin said - sometimes my post will be in English :)


affizza said...

alamak! td baca entry 1st. scroll ke bawah, baca y ke2 ni. tba2 baca 'so here i tag EVERYONE WHO READ THIS POST to post about youself in 25 point.' ok, fine! mknenya mmg kena reply. :P

affizza said...
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Ariffin Janal said...

hahahaha harus !

CoNaN eD said...

thanks dude hehe

affizza said...

baiklah. akan di jawab asap!! :))